Thief Tries to Sell Stolen $20,000 Gun on Reality TV

A New Mexico man attempted to sell a stolen antique gun to the gun trading reality show American Guns, but the only thing he managed to get out of the deal was a pair of handcuffs. 

A Colt Dragoon black powder revolver from the 1800s was stolen from a private museum last December. Police were unable to track down the thief or the gun, which is valued at $20,000. All hope of catching the culprit was lost until the culprit walked onto national TV and showed the world that he was in possession of stolen property.

In an amazing move of criminal stupidity, Wylie Newton brought the stolen Colt Dragoon to members of the reality TV show American Guns, and attempted to sell it. Unfortunately for Newton, people who watch TV also read the newspaper from time to time. Some of the fans knew about a stolen Cold Dragoon revolver, put two and two together, and phoned up the police. 

The police tracked Wylie back to his hometown of Erie, a feat that was probably made easier by the fact that Wylie used his real name on the television show (wow, what a guy). They set up a sting operation pretending to be gun buyers. The cops arrested Newton and hauled him off to Jefferson Country Detention Center in New Mexico when Newton produced the gun.

Newton’s been in jail before, so he’s got a long history of screwing up. Talk about a criminal mastermind. You should be able to view the video here.

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