French Flash Ball Non-lethal Pistol as Terrifying as it is Effective

The French manufacturing group Verney-Carron has come up with a nasty-looking double-barreled non-lethal pistol known as the Flash Ball.

At times, non-lethal weapons can look less than intimidating. Stun guns often look like toys or walkie-talkies, and pepper spray kind of resembles makeup. The Flash Ball is a whole different story. The thing is so big that it almost looks fake, like a children’s toy or something. Just don’t laugh at whoever’s holding one of these things because you’re probably going to get knocked off your feet.

The gun fires two 44mm rubber balls at the target with enough energy to take down a grown man. The rounds have the same stopping power as a .38 caliber handgun, but the enormous rubber balls typically do not break skin.

However, the Flash Ball is responsible for one death when the impact triggered a heart attack on the target, but that was anomalous. Still, if the video demonstration is anything to go by, getting hit by one of these things certainly doesn’t look like a walk in the park.

The weapon comes in two varieties. The first is a heavy-duty model made from metal alloys that features the two barrels stacked on top of each other. The second is a much lighter model and has the barrels arranged side-by-side. These weapons can use a variety of ammunition (shooting grenades from one of these would be a hoot, wouldn’t it?) but the rubber balls are the best non-lethal option.

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