Bring Out the Guns: Oklahoma Governor Signs Open Carry Law

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, who is known for her pro-gun stance and continues to push for pro-gun legislation, has recently signed a bill into law that will allow citizens to open carry a firearm.

The law will let Oklahoma citizens who have a permit under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act carry their weapons openly or concealed. Previously, all personal firearms had to be tucked away out of sight, but this new bill will let people choose depending on their preference.

Fallin seemed almost cheerful about this momentous event, as she said, “As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun owner myself, I’m happy to sign this bill into law and grant law-abiding citizens the ability to openly carry firearms.”

The only downside is that people itching to openly carry their weapons will have to wait until Nov. 1, when the law goes into effect. There are also a few spots where all firearms are banned, such as in jails, college campuses, and liquor stores.

Oklahoma police are a bit nervous about this new development, but they’re ready to meet the challenge head-on. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Chris West has been studying the new law and promises to “train our troops about the law after this process is completed.” After all, what good is the right to carry a firearm legally when law enforcement unjustly takes your weapons?

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