Open Carry Teen Optimistic About his Day in Court

A Michigan teen is optimistic about his chances in court after being charged with brandishing a firearm, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

Eighteen-year-old Sean Combs (not ‘Puffy‘) was arrested last April by police because he was walking around town with a rifle slung over his shoulder. He’d just received his M1 Garand for his birthday and he was showing the gun to several other teenagers. Cops showed up on the scene and asked to see his ID. Combs declined, but after a few more police showed up Combs decided to give in. The police moved to arrest him the moment he reached for his ID.

According to, Lia Grabowski, a friend of Combs who was with him during the arrest, said, “We were just walking around Birmingham. We weren’t doing anything.” And she added that the event was “terrifying.”

As scary as it may have been for the teens, it may end up being even scarier for the police. Combs was not violating any laws (the open carry of rifles is legal in Michigan), so the police might land in hot water for violating Combs’ rights. Combs’ attorney, Jim Makowski, said he that he believes that the police simply “didn’t like what [Combs] was doing,” so they decided to arrest him.

Combs has entered a not-guilty plea in response to his charges, but he hopes that it will never even get to court. His attorney intends to file a motion to dismiss because the police stopped him without a cause. You see, there’s this really important thing called the Fourth Amendment that protects American citizens against unreasonable search and seizure. Unless the state can prove that the cops had a good reason to detain Combs, their whole case is shattered.

Combs added that he is “pretty confident” about the case, though he acknowledges that “anything can happen.”

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