LeAnn Rimes Fires it Up at the Shooting Range

Country music star LeAnn Rimes has discovered the joy of shooting after visiting Philadelphia’s Archery & Gun Club, as reported by the Daily Mail.

What is it about country music and guns that make the two seem to go so well together? As it turns out, this 29-year-old super star is as talented with a gun as she is with her voice. Rimes posted a video and pictures of her adventures at the shooting range and she’s actually a pretty good shot.

Rimes may very well have found her new favorite hobby because, if her Twitter feed is to be believed, she “used to go shopping on a day off, now [she goes] shooting!” She added that it’s, “Fun as all get out!!!!” And with four exclamation marks, you know she really means it.

Perhaps there’s something to be said for recoil therapy after all; Rimes is recovering from painful mouth surgery, and the shooting seems to be doing wonders for her disposition.

Longtime fans of Rimes may be surprised by her new look. Normally dressed to the nines on stage, Rimes was wearing a denim jacket, eye protection, and thick protective headphones. It gives her a down-home girl-next-door type of look, which really only adds to her allure.

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