Honk if you love guns: Missouri to permit NRA license plates

The Missouri Senate has passed Bill 480, which will allow Missouri drivers to purchase National Rifle Association license plates. Now, Missourians can have official pro-gun plates to go along with all their gun-loving bumper stickers.

The NRA store offers license plates, license plate frames and window decals, but this legislation will require gun fans to go through official DMV channels if they want to acquire a state-issued NRA plate. It’ll be quite a tempting purchase — nothing says “Don’t tailgate me” like an NRA logo emblazoned on the back of your vehicle.

Rep. Eric BurlisonMissourians have Rep. Eric Burlison to thank for this legislation, who successfully added the NRA license plate amendment to the general traffic bill.

Burlison is a gun fan himself as a an official member of the NRA and the co-chairman of the 2012 Missouri Sportsmen’s Caucus, a group of lawmakers who call themselves the “first line of defense in Washington promoting and protecting the rights of hunters, trappers and anglers.”

This is a nice bill and all, but the only downside is that you’ll have to wait a bit before you’ll be able to actually benefit from it. Assuming that the bill isn’t struck down, it will go into effect Aug. 28.

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