Not With a Bang But a Whimper: The CCI Quiet--22 Low Volume Ammo

CCI Ammunition is offering Quiet-22, a type of ammo that has such a quiet “bang” that it’s touted as ammo you can shoot it without hearing protection.

The CCI Quiet-22 would find itself in somewhat of a niche market, meaning it would appeal to those interested in shooting suppressed firearms or hunting small game. But it would also be advantageous for those who just want to take care of some pests ruining the garden.

According to CCI Ammunition, Quiet-22 is 75 percent quieter than normal .22 ammo and has a better performance than an air rifle. Also, because of how quiet it is, it would be beneficial to use in legal shooting areas where noise may be a concern.

There are a few drawbacks that you have to deal with if you plan on shooting  Quiet-22 ammo, however. In order to get a lower volume they have to pack the bullet with less aggressive explosives, which results in a slower bullet. The company promises that their bullets travel at a velocity of 710 feet per second (by comparison, high velocity rounds move at closer to 1,200 fps). So, for a lot of gun owners, the low velocity may take some getting used to.

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