Warm Weather Solutions: Picking a Handgun for Summertime Concealed Carry

Every year the same thing happens, the snow melts, the birds come back from the south, and we put away our winter coats and start wearing shorts and t-shirts and looking like tourists at Disney World. The trouble is, many people don’t put a lot of thought into the handguns they carry during those warmer months and some folks even leave their gun at home because it is too hot and the gun is either too big to conceal carry or they don’t have anywhere to carry it at all. The gun ends up at home, and what good is that?

Our holster runneth over…

ruger lcp

Alright, in this day and age of pocket pistols there should be no reason why one should not be carrying on even the hottest of days. Ruger has their wonderful little LCP pistols, which have everybody going gaga and they’re only a paycheck away from. Yet, they are not alone. Kel-Tec, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Glock and many, many more all have some variety of purse/pocket/pocket-protector pistol on the market and in calibers from the tame to the thank God I only had to fire it twice. Let’s face it, we’re in the midst of a pocket pistol bonanza, people, but the point is this—a lethal weapon can be purchased in just about any size or make available, so less dress is really no excuse.

Personally, I would prefer something ranging from .380 on up, but I have carried a small .22 subcompact and an old Walther in .25 ACP. While they are not ideal, they are certainly better than carrying no handgun at all.


LCR revolverDon’t overlook revolvers either when searching for a warm weather gun. Smith & Wesson and Colt for more than 50 years led the market in small concealable revolvers with the Chief’s Special and Detective Special respectively, and these are particularly great options if you’re nervous about weapons malfunctions.

Small revolvers like these were just the ticket as back up guns for police officers or the primary guns for plainclothes detectives. Today, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Ruger, Charter Arms, and a few others still make those wonderful little revolvers ideal for slipping in a pocket unnoticed. With steel giving way to titanium, scandium and now polymer revolvers have quickly caught up with those lightweight pistols in the weight department.

…but where do I put it?

So, what is the best way to carry your pocket rocket? Well, I suggest you go with a standard strongside (the side you pull the trigger with) pocket holster.  The secret? It’s all in the pocket.

David Hume pocket holsterOne of the first things I look for when I buy any pair of pants or shorts is a lot of pocket space. I make sure that my little revolver will fit easily enough in the right front pocket with no problems with whatever holster I have. The fit of your holster is very important as you don’t want your gun printing against your pocket and giving away the fact you have a gun hidden, not to mention that a tightly fitting gun like that is very uncomfortable. Right now I have a no name holster that was given to me that sits well in my pocket but drops clear of my little .38 when I take it out. One of the best pocket holsters on the market is made by Don Hume. This little leather holster has a hook on it so that when you draw the gun the holster catches on the inside of your pocket and stays put while the gun comes free.

Now that warm weather is upon us it’s time to start thinking of what kind of smaller gun you are going to carry out and about. With all of the selections to be had, there is no excuse in not carrying a handgun for personal defense just because the weather is too warm or you don’t have the right clothes. With a little adaptation, you can find any gun to fit any environment.

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