Gun Control Advocates Criticize Pro-Gun Rival, Accidentally Cause Gun Owner Uprise

Pro-gun Ohio Rep. Margaret Conditt was surprised to discover that criticism by gun-control advocates would catapult her shooting range fundraiser into a major event. 

Conditt simply wanted to go to the shooting range with 50 or so of her top campaign supporters, shoot some skeet and hopefully raise some money. But a group of gun control advocates including fellow Representatives Ted Celeste and Tracy Maxwell, along with members of Progress Ohio and the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence thought, according to the Associated Press, Conditt’s planned fundraising event was distasteful and irresponsible to have in the wake of a local school shooting in which a 17-year-old high school student shot and killed three other students.

According to the Buckeye Firearms Association, gun owners across Ohio were outraged that this event was paralleled to such a tragic event, so they rallied behind Conditt. Calls with donation pledges began flooding into Conditt’s office and people were asking for the privilege to attend Conditt’s fundraiser. 

Buckeye Firearms Association similarly denounced the attack on Conditt and started a fundraiser on their own. They said they raised their $1,000 goal within a few hours of starting the drive and, in the end, had a fat $3,231 check to give to Conditt at the event. 

With true grace and just a tad of amused irony, Conditt said to those attending the fundraiser, “I want to thank Ted Celeste and Tracy Maxwell for helping to make this fundraiser such a huge success.”

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