Acquitted Militia Members Get 60 Guns Returned

Three members of a Michigan Hutaree militia group are getting back 60 guns between them, including rifles, handguns, shotguns and AK47s, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Thomas Piatek, Tina Stone and Michael Meeks along with six others were arrested in March 2010 as part of an FBI raid because of suspicions of plotting an anti-government revolt. In late March of this year, courts determined that the state was unable to prove its case, so these three and several others were acquitted and set free. Now that they are are out of custody the three are ready to get their weapons back.

Piatek’s attorney, Arthur Weiss, explains that Piatek still has a Second Amendment right to own those firearms and the government no longer has any claim to them. US District Judge Victoria Roberts agreed and filed an order that would return the pile of firearms to their owners. 

Weiss also argues that there’s nothing remotely criminal about owning several dozen guns and close to 100,000 rounds of ammunition. In fact, one of the FBI agents who testified in the case confessed to owning more than 30 weapons.

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