The Ultimate Airsoft: A Cannon that Shoots Cars

This nitrogen-powered cannon is capable of shooting cars across a stadium. And you thought your Magnum was powerful? Puh-lease. Imagine being on the receiving end of this bad boy.

Like its less intimidating cousins, the potato cannon and the high-powered punkin chunkin machines, this car cannon was designed for the sole purpose of creating a spectacle. Hollywood directors kept wanting more explosive car shots, but they were getting to the point where it was just too dangerous to put a stunt driver into a car and launch him into the sky.

Enter Hal Needham, a famous stuntman and the designer of the car cannon. He invented this device to give directors the means to capture gravity-defying shots without endangering anybody. 

You may have seen the handiwork of this cannon — or other cannons like it — in popular blockbusters, such as the famous Aston Martin crash from Casino Royale

When Hollywood isn’t using the cannon for absurd movie stunts, it makes for one hell of a show. Watch the car cannon score a goal through these rugby uprights at a car show. 

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