I Spy: The Nikon Prostaff 5 Fieldscope

Nikon is promoting its Prostaff 5 fieldscope, which features a number of new optical and mechanical innovations.

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Jurassic Park, “Hold onto your butts.” We’re about to dive into the impressive, long and highly technical list of features in this top-notch fieldscope. Buying one of these bad boys will set you back $499.95, but the scope’s specs make the price tag actually rather reasonable.  

The scope uses internal surface texturing to minimize light loss inside the scope, which ensures that you’ll get the brightest image possible. Yet, it still won’t let in too much light. A built-in sliding sunshade cuts down on glare and keeps dust and rain off of the objective lens. When you look through this scope, the image should be bright even if it’s gloomy out, and clear even if the sun is bearing down on you.

The scope also bears a digiscope-ready design, so you can take highly magnified pictures through the scope simply by hooking it up to a camera through the optional digital camera bracket accessory.

Buying a Prostaff 5 should pay off in the long run, because they’re built to last. Each scope is waterproof, fogproof, nitrogen purged, O-ring sealed, and features a lightweight porro prism design so that it’s easy to handle.  

The 60mm 16-48 zoom Prostaff 5 starts at $499.95, while the 82mm with 20-60x zoom capabilities fetches $599.95. Both come in a straight or angled body.

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