Smith & Wesson Joins NRA's Golden Ring of Freedom with 1M+ Donation

The National Rifle Association will be welcoming Smith & Wesson into the Golden Ring of Freedom, a group reserved exclusively for parties that have donated one million dollars or more to the NRA. James Debney, the president and CEO of of the National Rifle Association, will be officially welcoming Smith & Wesson into their most trusted circle of supporters.

In addition to the generous donation, Smith & Wesson has also promised a four-year commitment to sponsor the NRA Life of Duty online network’s Patriot Profiles. If you haven’t already seen them, Patriot Profiles are videos devoted to mean and women who have served our country, such as Ed Eaton, a man who defended his camarades against two Viet Cong groups with little more than a broken sniper rifle.

Executive vice president and NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre thanked Smith & Wesson for all that dough, saying that their “support and leadership in advancing these vital NRA programs will have a significant impact for generations. Smith & Wesson is a valued corporate partner in NRA’s fight to preserve the Second Amendment and we are grateful for their dedication to our shared American values.” 

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