Move Over Starbucks, Here Comes ‘2nd Amendment Coffee’ (VIDEO)

Do you like guns?  Do you like coffee?  Do you like fighting for your Constitutional rights?

Well, if you’ve answered yes to those questions then Michael Byers, an out-of-work professional, has a way for you to embrace all three at once with his new business: ‘2nd Amendment Coffee.’

Sorry, I’m probably not doing his business justice (I’m no Don Draper).  So, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth; here’s Mr. Byers introductory video on indiegogo, the global funding platform where entrepreneurs can raise money for their businesses. 

From my perspective, I think Mr. Byers deserves $5 (which is the Basic Contribution Amount on indiegogo) just for this line alone, “Instead of going on the government dole, I’m picking myself up by the bootstraps and creating a job for myself by forming this small business, Second Amendment Coffee.”

He also goes on to say, “It’s my belief that I have talents & skills that should be utilized to help rebuild the strength of America’s economy.”

coffee-logoPutting aside the product for a moment, I think we need more people with this type of attitude, i.e. taking personal responsibility for one’s plight as opposed to turning immediately to the government when times get tough.  Whatever you think of Mr. Byers’ business idea, you have to at the very least respect his ambition and his motivation to help strengthen the economy through his own free-market pursuits.   

Okay, now the coffee, or as he puts it, the “coffee with a cause.”

According to his website, he has three different types of coffee that are available in both whole bean and ground 1 lbs. bags:

Light Roast: Brazilian Moreninha Formosa Premium-

A premium bean coffee with a burst of flavors that will awaken your taste buds with hints of dark chocolate, cherry, orange and nuttiness. It’s full bodied, yet delivers a sweet cup. Although it’s available in limited quantities, we try to purchase enough of this varietal so that it’s always in stock.

coffee-Medium Roast: Peru TFO (‘Trade Fair Organic, see website for details) High Andes Super-Premium

This coffee is the only commercial crop in the region of Peru in which it is grown. Most family productions operate on less than one acre with small crops. So, extra care is used in producing this special coffee! The flavor is mildly acidic with a slightly sweet nutty note. It’s medium body but leaves very little lingering aftertaste. This coffee I call my “This is how coffee is supposed to taste coffee!”

Dark/French Roast: TFO* (see above) Super-Premium Blend [South America, Africa]

Bold coffee drinkers look no further than our 100% TFO* (see above) Blend! Very darkly roasted with minimal acidity, this coffee has a sweet-bitter-sweet taste profile that will leave you quite satisfied.

In full disclosure, I’m a tea drinker, not a coffee guy.  So, I can’t tell if these sound good or not.  But, what is apparent is that “1% of every sale will be donated to supporting American Constitutional Rights!”  Among the organizations that will receive the 1% donations is the National Rifle Association. 

I’m probably missing some key information about Mr. Byers’ enterprise, so for the complete story behind 2nd Amendment Coffee, you can check out its Facebook Page or its Blogspot Page or make contributions to the business itself at its indiegogo Page

Overall, what do you think of Mr. Byers idea?  Will you be purchasing coffee from 2nd Amendment Coffee?

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