Colt Offers Two New California-Legal Carbines

Colt is offering two new rifles, the CR6720CA and the CR6724CA, that are in complaince with California’s strict bullet button laws.

A while ago, California made legislation that placed a ban on quick-change magazines. To get around that problem, gun manufacturers developed bullet buttons so that Californians’ favorite firearms were legal again. Then California legislators heard about the bullet button on the news and moved to make those illegal, too.

Colt is undettered by this onslaught of restrictive gun legislation. They’re releasing two new rifles specifically for the California gun crowd. The CR6720CA and the CR6724CA are, according to Colt, the most accurate rifles among Colt’s Match Target line.

They feature longer barrels for increased firing distance and a scope mount out of the box. That brings the list to seven Colt rifles that are legal in California (LE6920CA, LE6920CMP-B, LE6920CMP-FDE, LE6920CMP-O, and the LE6940CA).

colt ca compliant rifle

This follows the old adage, “Whenever a door closes, a window opens.” Colt Defense LLC Vice President David Rdiley said, “We are pleased to be expanding the list of products we offer to our customers in California.”

Luckily, gun owners whose favorite rifles have just been made illegal will now have a great alternative with this California-proof Colt carbines. Well, until these are somehow made illegal, also.

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