Debate Over Airport Gun Bill Devolves Into Verbal Sparring

Debate about a bill that would require law enforcement officers to arrest anyone bringing a concealed gun into an airport has sparked tension between the left and the right within the California Assembly. 

Cats and dogs; water and oil; orange juice and toothpaste; Republicans and Democrats — some things in this world just aren’t made to mix. Donkeys and elephants can usually be civil with each other, but occasionally the facade falls away and you’ll hear under-the-breath sarcastic remarks or outright verbal attacks.

Forget all that: debate over this new bill is like a political brawl. It’s not so much that the Democrats want to pass the bill that’s making Republicans angry — it wouldn’t really be that far off from what the TSA would put a gun owner through, anyway.

What’s peeving Republicans so much is that they see the bill as a mocking jab at the GOP. Earlier this year Republican Tim Donnelly was caught attempting to bring a loaded gun stored in his briefcase onto an airplane. Republican assemblymen are calling this bill an “embarrassment” and an “insult to the citizens of California.” Some assemblymen even throw out catcalls at speakers.

By contrast, Democrat Norma Torres wrote about irresponsible gun owners who are careless with their weapons. Is that an honest sentiment that she’s just trying to translate into legislation, or is that an insult directed at the Republican party?

Either way the bill passed on Monday 46 to 25 and is now headed to the Senate.

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