Gun Courses in Lynchburg, VA Booked for Months

The recent rise in gun popularity has resulted in completely booked gun safety courses for Lynchburg, Virginia.

More and more people are buying guns, which means more permits and more gun safety courses. In fact, guns have become so popular that a lot of people in the gun world are having trouble keeping up with the increased demand. Local gun classes in Lynchburg are booked for months. Citizens must pass a gun safety course before they are legally permitted to conceal or carry a firearm.

Part of the increased demand stems from the fact that higher numbers of ladies are buying guns now. Mayard Lawthorne, a manager at the Lynchburg Arms and Indoor Shooting Range, reports, “About half the class are usually women, and a lot of women are taking up the shooting sports actually. Some of our clients are buying guns also not only for self defense, but for sports shooting.”

This is good news for gun owners just about everywhere (except those in Lynchburg, who will have to wait until August until slots open up. They have our condolences).

Virginia gun owners will have to wait as long as three months for the opportunity to actually use their new firearms, while gun owners elsewhere can be comforted by the fact that America is trending more towards gun love.

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