Marines and Army Eyeing Protective Face Shields

The Marine Corp is keeping a close eye on the Army as they test out face shields. 

These face shields do pretty much exactly what you’d think: they protect the wearer’s face from fragmentation debris and rounds as large as 9mm. Gunnery Sgt. Ryan Bowser pointed out the importance of adding a face mask to a soldier’s gear, “There is a lot of talk about keeping people in the fight, but a facial injury comes with more than just scars. There are psychological ramifications.”

As it stands, the face is one of the few areas on the body left unprotected by standard military gear. Well, the Army is looking to change all that with new face shields. They still need to do a bit of testing to figure out which brand suits their needs the most, but they’re thinking about making masks more widely available for troops.

The Marines are also looking to save face, so to speak, by getting in on the action. Right now, though, they’re letting the Army Research Lab and the Office of Naval Research do some tests. So, we can’t quite be sure how much the Marines will get in on face shield fashion, but considering that a few Marines dropped their own cash on face shields there’s a good chance that it’ll catch on.

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