Security Blunder! Names of Army Snipers Found in Sold Used Car

UK Defense officials are trying to figure out how a list with the names of 28 snipers ended up in a sold used car.

Before we get too far into the story, we need to point out that the names of snipers are closely guarded by the Ministry of Defense in order to protect them from retribution attacks, so this is a pretty big deal. One Army source said, “exposing [snipers’] identities can put them and their families at risk from more extremist elements of society.”

In fact, back in 2010 a sniper sued the Ministry of Defense for letting his name get out to the media, so a list of 28 names is a major security breach. On the bright side, though, probably only four or five of the individuals on the list actually passed sniper training. 

Well, a list containing the names of snipers lay hidden beneath the spare tire of a car sold from a Yorkshire garage. The document contained details of servicemen from 10 units, some of which served in Afghanistan. A Ministry of Defense spokesperson promised, “We take information security extremely seriously and will investigate the incident.”

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