SC Citizens Find Explosive Targets to be Loud, Popular, & Scary (VIDEO)

Explosive targets are going off with a bang in South Carolina, but they’re also terrifying local homeowners.

Explosive targets such as Shock Wave and Tannerite use a very simple yet very effective technique to attract buyers. You take these bottles, which contain a harmless-looking white substance, and stick them at the end of the shooting range. If you can manage to put a bullet through it, the contents will react in an explosive boom — viscerally satisfying and tons of fun. 

The one catch is that nobody is used to the noise. After hearing the explosions, local homeowner David Smith thought that “a bomb had gone off,” and reports that his daughter is now scared to go outside. Is this stuff really that loud?

Well, kinda-sorta. By itself, these one-pound containers are perfectly safe and legal. According to the Pickens County Sheriff Department, however, people are mixing overly large doses of the stuff to create bigger and badder booms. The manufacturers clearly warn to only shoot one container at a time, but that isn’t stopping gun owners from playing backyard mad scientist and cooking up some enormous explosions.

The legality of explosive targets may be short lived if gun owners continue to abuse the stuff and disturb locals with overly-loud noise pollution. This could serve as a warning to overzealous gun owners. This new product could be a blast for those who use it responsibly, but mixing large doses could not only be dangerous, but it could also lead to a local ban of the product.

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