New Laser-Guided Smart Bullet Makes Turns Mid-Flight!

Manufacturers are ready to produce a new laser-guided smart bullet that should be able to turn around corners and track down a target no matter where it moves.

No, this isn’t something that we’re getting from the script of a Wanted or The Fifth Element sequel. This bullet uses lasers, microchips and technology that you’d normally see in missiles to change its course mid-flight.

Getting into the details of how this thing works is a little bit complicated, partially because it doesn’t work like a normal bullet. Basically, optics in the front of the bullet send signals to a computer chip in the back of it, which controls the four actuators to affect movement. That’s just the laymen’s description, so there a couple of other bells and whistles that make this one high-tech bullet. For example, the front of the bullet will need to have either tungsten or depleted uranium in it just to make it functional.

So, what does all of this sci-fi tech get us? Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) boasts that the bullet is 98 percent accurate within 2 km. And now that engineers have finally figured out a way to make the computer chip and battery survive after being shot out of a .50-caliber rifle, SNL is ready to put these bad boys into mass production. These bullets should be able to turn even the worst marksman into a ace shooter.

Yeah, kind of like that.

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