Ruger Resumes Accepting Orders!

Major small arms manufacturer Ruger is now accepting orders again after several weeks of halting to catch up on their overwhelming backlog of orders.

Ruger made the announcement in late March of this year that they would not be able to take new orders as they were too busy filling existing orders, and that it would be several weeks before they could catch up. Subsequently their stock rose quite a bit.

Ruger added this remark to their announcement that they have resumed taking orders. “Demand for our products is very strong, and the current backlog remains significantly above year ago levels. Our production and shipments in the first quarter of 2012 increased more than 50% from the first quarter of 2011 and remain very strong.”

ruger 22/45 lite pistol

There have been many reports of people receiving their recent orders with Ruger and stores once again carrying many of Ruger’s “unicorns,” rare and sometimes impossible to find firearms in high demand.

Guns like Ruger’s recently-announced 10/22 Takedown and 22/45 Lite. Both of these were launched near-simultaneously with Ruger’s hiatus and have been difficult to find to say the least.

Other less-recently-announced guns, like the SR22 Pistol and the Ruger American Rifle will finally be available in quantity, and the extremely popular SR1911 will hopefully be easier to get a hold of.

ruger sr22 pistol

Several explanations for the recent surge in gun sales have been put forth. First is the undeniable effect of the upcoming election. The possibility of increased gun control is driving many people to buy now if or when President Obama is reelected; a second-term President, not having to worry about reelection, conceivably has more leeway to push gun control laws through. Other people are buying before people with election fears drive up the prices of guns, ammunition and accessories up much higher.

There are two positive explanations for the surge as well. Shooting is more popular now than it has been in decades, concealed carry is becoming more acceptable and everyday for people all across the country, and people are rediscovering a love for shooting sports nation-wide.

ruger sr1911

Finally, Ruger just makes great guns. They strive to innovate in many areas, introducing guns that have fallen by the wayside years ago like their recent kit guns in .357 Magnum and .22 Long Rifle to name just two. Other less unique guns that Ruger makes are so popular because Ruger makes them well, of a high build quality, and sells for cheap.

We are happy to hear that Ruger is once again taking new orders. Is there a Ruger you’ve been dying to get a hold of?

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