Three Police Agencies Stock Up on Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols

Smith & Wesson has just completed filling orders for three law enforcement agencies, equipping these police forces with handguns from their Military & Police (M&P) pistol series. Miami Beach Police Department, Passaic County Sheriff’s Office of New Jersey, and the Olympia, WA Police Department have each received brand new M&P pistols for active duty.  

The Miami Beach Police Department conducted an open evaluation for a new firearm, and they found that the S&W M&P40 performed admirably, even after prolonged use. The gun’s customizable features and ergonomic design were added gravy, prompting the department to sign with Smith & Wesson. Their new guns come with the agency’s shield and logo emblazoned into the side of the firearm, which will make it mighty difficult to illegally steal and trade off one of these weapons.

The Passaic Country Sheriff’s Office replaced its older European pistols with 660 S&W M&P45s. They cited the low perceived recoil and the gun’s stellar reliability as the reason for the shift. The purchase comes with armorers training and technical support.

Last but not least, Olympia police loved the M&P45’s ambidextrous features, customization options, and excellent accuracy. They acquired 77 of the new pistols.

S&W Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Professional Sales Mario Pasantes added that S&W pistols continue “to be selected by numerous law enforcement agencies across the country” because of their firearms’ excellent quality and reliability. Of course, you don’t have to take a CEO’s word for it: the proof is in the pudding. If law enforcement agencies are buying these guns, you know they have to be good.

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