Groupon Reverses No Gun Policy With Gun and Shooting Range Deals

Groupon has reversed its no-gun policy and has started pumping out gun-related deals.

Check out this recent Groupon deal, which cut the price for a visit to the Gilbert Indoor Range in Rockville, near Washington, DC. Over a thousand people jumped at the opportunity, netting at least $4,900 for the gun range. There have been quite a few deals like it, such as this extra-cheap machine gun or this shooting opportunity. 

These deals have ended, but they’re not the real story here. The reason why we’re writing about this is because Groupon formerly had a policy against promoting guns or companies that are endorsed by the NRA. A Groupon representative said, “It’s the same reason we don’t run deals on guns or abortion. This isn’t a political statement, it’s avoiding intentionally upsetting a segment of our customers.” 

For a company that’s not trying to offend anyone, a statement like that can raise a few eyebrows. There are probably quite a few gun owners and pro-choice advocates who aren’t fond of being compared to the other in the same breath.

Evidently, Groupon just couldn’t resist the temptation and has changed its mind on gun deals. They’re ready to get a slice of the profits, even if it does entail offending a few people. If there are any Groupon CEOs out there reading this, we do have one question for you: How does crow taste?

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