Kentucky Gun Store Owner in Custody for Threatening ATF Agent

A former Kentucky gun shop owner is in hot water after threatening an official of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. So, for those of you who weren’t in the know, sending death threats to government officials may not be the smartest move in the world. 

These threats were kind of the last straw in a continuing investigation against the irate gun shop owner. Back in January of 2010, a 21 year-old-woman was injured by a hand grenade hidden under a traffic cone. Her stepfather was an official at a local correctional center, and during an investigation it was revealed that several workers at the facility were facing disciplinary actions. This put correctional facility worker and gun store owner Ted Ray Schlenker on the ATF’s radar. 

They became even more suspicious of Schlenker when a threatening package arrived at the correctional center. Authorities investigated Schlenker’s store and found that the guns Schlenker had in stock did not match up with his records. When a package containing a gun and a threatening letter was sent to the ATF agent investigating Schlenker, the ATF finally made its move. They searched Schlenker’ home and found writing similar to the one in the letter. Schlenker has been under federal custody since April 28, and he is charged with mailing threatening communications and mailing a firearm. 

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