Otis Gun Brushes Getting Ease-of-Use Overhaul

Otis Technology has announced that they are adding a few upgrades to their line of bore brushes in order to make them all-around handier for gun owners. 

Their new line of gun brushes will feature a brush number that has been roll-stamped on, and each brush will feature a color-coded core wire. The central wire of each brush will be brass colored, black, red mug, clay, moss, dirt, or forest depending on its size. Users should be able to tell at a glance which brush to use for which gun.

Otis Technology strives to stay at the forefront of gun cleaning technology. The company boasts that their brushes last much longer than their competitors due to their superior construction. The brushes also feature precision thread and no weak undercut. Their tightly-woven core wire will keep bristles attached to the brush for longer periods of time, and the core wire’s unique material makes it resistant to corrosion. All Otis brushes are 100% manufactured in the USA.

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