UK and NZ Upgrade to MINIMI 7.62mm

New Zealand and the United Kingdom are joining the likes of the Spanish Navy, Polish Special Forces, the Australian Defense Force, and the US Special Operations Command by procuring the FN MINIMI 7.62.

These new machine guns will add a boost of firepower over their older 5.56 models, the same gun that’s currently being used by the US Marine Corps. The New Zealand Defense Force announced its intent to completely replace its old stock of 5.56s with the new 7.62s. They’re ordering a whole bunch of bells and whistles to go along with machine guns, including ACOG scopes, micro red dots, and ground mounts. The Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, will only be supplementing its current arsenal with 176 extra 7.62mm MINIMIs. 

Manufacturered by the Belgium’s company Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal, variants of the MINIMI have been a popular choice among military organizations because of the weapon’s effectiveness and comparatively light weight. The company developed the 7.62 in response to an increased demand for a higher firepower variant of the 5.56mm.

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