Army Places Unpopular Ban on PMAG M4 Magazines

The Army has placed a ban on all magazines that aren’t Army-issued aluminum mags, which prohibits the use of one of the most popular and reliable magazines on the battlefield, the PMAG. 

TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued a message last April that warned, “Units are only authorized to use the Army-authorized magazines listed in the technical manuals.” Unfortunately, that list does not include polymer magazines like Magpul Industries Corp’s PMAG M4 magazine. 

The PMAG has become a crowd favorite among troops, so many aren’t exactly thrilled about the change. One anonymous infantryman in Afghanistan stated, “The PMAG is a great product… lightweight and durable. I have seen numerous special ops teams from all services pass through here, and they all use PMAGs. Also, a large amount of Marine infantry here use PMAGs, including the Force Recon elements.”

The Marine Corps and the Army loves these magazines, so what’s the problem? To be honest, soldiers aren’t quite sure. The unnamed soldier argues, “This just follows a long line of the Army, and military in general, not listening to the troops about equipment and weaponry.” 

Military officials did provide the somewhat comforting news that soldiers will now be able to use the Army’s improved magazines. Though, banning an A+ magazine and then telling soldiers that they can use a new C+ magazine instead of the old C- one won’t make for some happy campers. 

The soldier laments the policy change, “I have seen an empty PMAG get run over by a MaxxPro and operated flawlessly later that week when we tested it at the range. Last time I saw this happen to a standard issue magazine, it was scrap metal after that.” 

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