Officer Accidentally Shoots Wife in Butt

A Pennsylvania police officer has been suspended after accidentally shooting his wife in the butt. At least, we certainly hope that it was an accident. Can you ever really be sure when it comes to married couples?

Bill Owens, an officer for the Harrisburg Police, was hanging out with his wife and a few others during a Memorial Day weekend BBQ. Sources indicate that conversation shifted to the topic of guns, at which point the officer retrieved his state-issued firearm and fired a few shots into the air. One of the shots hit his missus in the derriere. He then drove his wife to the hospital and called the authorities. 

Owens will be charged with reckless endangerment, simple assault, and providing false information — not to mention the earful he’s bound to get from his wife. Investigators are also concerned that Owens may have tampered with the scene and that he may have been under the effects of alcohol during the event. 

Owens is currently being suspended without pay. His wife is recovering and in good condition.

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