Build Incredibly Accurate Papercraft Guns

London-based designer Postler Ferguson has created step-by-step instructions for the most realistic paper guns imaginable

Now, before you tell your buddy, “Hey, look at these cool origami guns,” we feel like it would only be fair to inform you that they’re not origami. Origami is when you take a single piece of paper and fold it to create something without ever cutting the paper. These guns use many different pieces of cut paper, so the most you could say is that they’re origami-esque.

The weapons that you can create are an AK-47, an M4A8 Carbine Assault Rifle, an MP5 Automatic Rifle, an Uzi Micro Machine Gun, and a Mills Bomb Hand Grenade. The grenades are at 2:1 scale, however. Everything else is standard size. Give these guns a good once-over with a can of glossy black spray paint and you’d probably get tackled by the cops in most states if you tried carrying it around town. 

Paper Grenade

Instructions for each weapon come in their own individual book, complete with pieces of paper. The AK-47 book, for example, can be yours for the fairly low price of 20 bucks.

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