Crimson Trace Products Now Receive Free Batteries for Life

If you already have a Crimson Trace product, or are considering one, you should know that registering your laser, light, or other Crimson Trace product, it will get you a free set of batteries sent right to your door for life. There are some caveats but this is a rather clever way to draw customers.

Crimson Trace makes LaserGrips, grip panels with laser sights, LaserGuards and LightGuards, trigger guard laser sights and flashlights, and other aiming and lighting accessories for just about any gun, from the humblest little North American Arms vest pocket pistol to the flashiest of custom 1911s.

crimson trace Laser Sight

Because of their small packages, even though they’re power-efficient lights and lasers, the nature of the devices requires the batteries to be pretty small, giving many Crimson Trace accessories a run time of around five hours in most cases. It is easy to use up that five hour run time just practicing. Which is why this program is pretty cool.

“If you’ve bought, or are planning on buying, a Crimson Trace laser sight, we’d like to say ‘thank you.’  To further express our appreciation, we’ll give you a free set of batteries every year. Better yet, we’ll deliver them right to your house.

“This unique program allows one set of batteries per calendar year per product and is valid for all Crimson Trace products and battery types.”

All with the exception of CR-123 and CR2 lithium batteries and Rail Master products. That still leaves about a hundred other Crimson Trace lasers and lights. So if you were on the fence about which laser sight to pick up for your firearm, this might just make that decision a whole lot easier.

Green laser on an XD(m)

Crimson Trace has also broken into the green light laser sight game, with new models of laser sight for the Glock, M&P, XD and 1911. Despite this they’re still called “Crimson Trace” lasers, not something more appropriate, like “Emerald Trace”.

Green lasers are much more visible in most lighting situations, as our eyes are most sensitive to green light.

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