Cafe Patron Fights off Crazed Gunman with a Stool

A man who fought off an unarmed gunman during an attack in a Seattle cafe humbly remarks, “I wasn’t a hero.” Actually, we’re pretty sure he is.

Ian Stewicky entered Seattle’s Cafe Racer and began firing his gun indiscriminately, leaving four dead and one critically wounded. Stewicky fled the scene to shoot another woman later in the day, and he eventually took his own life.

The seven-person death count (the innocent who was critically wounded later passed away) could have been much higher if not for the bravery of one man. Seattle Police Department interviewed a man identified only as Lawrence, who fought off the deranged gunman. Without a weapon in sight, Lawrence did the only thing he could: “I just threw the frigging stool at him, legs first.” According to police reports, he grabbed another stool and moved to attack the gunman while he was recovering the stool attack.

Lawrence explained his motivation, “My brother died in the World Trade Center. I promised myself [that if something like this ever happened] I would never hide under a table.”

We salute you, Lawrence — whoever you are. If your actions don’t qualify for making you a hero, then we don’t know what does.

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