Glock Promotes Bob Radecki to US National Sales Manager

Glock, Inc. has promoted Bob Radecki to the position of National Sales Manager for the US. In this new role, Radecki will perform leadership responsibilities and oversee US sales.

You’ve probably never even heard of Radecki before, but what makes this story worthy of a article isn’t so much the person who got promoted, but Glock’s willingness to promote from within its own ranks.

Radecki began his career in Commercial Sales back in 2004. From there, excellent service earned him a promotion to the regional manager for the Central and Western regions. Radecki climbed one more rung up the corporate ladder when the company promoted him to National Sales Manager. At a time when the US and Europe are still struggling to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, companies like Glock are willing to recognize commitment and write them a bigger paycheck.

Glock Vice President Gary Fletcher stood by the decision, adding, “Bob Radecki has been a tremendous sales manager for Glock throughout the years.”

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