Shotgun Recoil Fails (VIDEOS)

The sharp recoil of firing a shotgun has caught many clueless first-time shooters unaware, and has left many gun owners doubled over in laughter.

Today, we’re going to take a short recess from the controversy of gun control laws, political arguments and deadly shooting incidents to chuckle over clips of gun noobs underestimating the power of their firearms. The Germans call this “schadenfreude.” Here in the US of A, we just call it “comedy.”

This guy got a face full of gun butt (boy, that sounds dirty) when he fired this shotgun. He probably felt embarrassed when the gun hit his face, but at least he hit the target.

Who else thought that gramps was going to fall on top of those kids? It feels a bit mean to laugh at the old-timer, but you’ve got to appreciate his sense of humor, “I wasn’t ready!”

You could tell by the opening still shot that this one wasn’t going to end well.

“It’s alright, I didn’t need front teeth.”

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