Spielberg Transforms E.T. Walkie-Talkies Back into Guns

As the film E.T. nears its 30th anniversary, film bosses will finally be adding guns back into the film. 

The movie has had a complicated relationship with guns. Back when the movie was released in 1982, the federal agents in several of the scenes were carrying around guns. Twenty years later, the film makers decided to re-release the film, except this time they edited out all of the guns and replaced them with nonthreatening walkie-talkies. Well, they’ve changed their mind once more with the film’s upcoming 30th anniversary Blu-Ray release. The newest version will bring back those guns. 

Spielberg admitted that he regretted making the change, “I was disappointed in myself. I got overly sensitive to [some of the reaction] to E.T., and I thought if technology evolved, [I might go in and change some things]… It was OK for a while, but I realized what I had done was I had robbed people who loved E.T. of their memories of E.T.” 

Some people in charge got rid of guns to appeal to a few gun-control advocates, and then ended up regretting it? Hmm… Why does that sound so familiar?

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