San Fran Police and Firefighters Slated to Gain Hundreds of New Recruits (VIDEO)

San Francisco police and firefighters will be filling out their roster with a wave of new recruits.

Ed Lee, the Mayor of San Francisco, was finally able to give law enforcement a bit of good news when he revealed that the city would be stepping up its recruitment and training procedures. This isn’t a move to bulk up the police force so much as it is to keep the status quo. A lot of baby boomer officers are scheduled to retire in the near future, so San Fran just needs to fill the gaps.

Classes will be expanding at the police academy within the next couple of years to accommodate this heavy influx of law enforcement officers. Lee’s plan includes six new classes with a potential for 300 new candidates. On top of that, they’re planning on hiring three classes of 50 officers over the next six years.

Bringing in such a huge number of new officers might seem excessive, but it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. The city is 200 officers shy of its city-mandated 1,971 officer headcount, and they’re expecting to lose 300 more officers within the next three years. This boatload of new recruits should just barely enable the city to keep its legal minimum.

Firefighters are also aiming to bring in 252 new recruits to offset the organization’s all-time-low numbers.

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