Madonna Flaunts AK-47 at Israeli Concert

Madonna sparked a bit of controversy when she walked onto Israel’s Tel Aviv stage wielding an AK-47. 
Madonna with an AK-47

While many of the 35,000 fans at the performance probably adored the 53-year-old singer’s music, a few of them weren’t terribly happy about Madonna’s choice in fashion accessories. One fan argued, “Given the problems this seemed tasteless and designed to create controversy. It was pretty sick and plenty of the audience were not impressed with the guns.” But this is Madonna we’re talking about, so isn’t this par for the course? 

AK-47s are a popular weapon of choice for insurgents and terrorists around Israel, and it stood in stark contrast to an Israeli-made Uzi, which was wielded by one of Madonna’s dancers. At least none of the dancers twirled around with fake bombs strapped to their chests.

At one point during the show she told her fans, “If there is peace here in the Middle East, there can be peace in the whole world.” Because evidently flaunting an AK-47 is a great way to promote peace and harmony.

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