Winchester Ammunition Introduces AA Featherlite Shotgun Shells

Winchester Ammunition is adding a line of AA 20-gauge Featherlite shotgun shells that will provide reduced recoil for sharpshooters.

Winchester shells are already a popular choice for both the USA Shooting Shotgun Team and amateur clay shooters alike. The Featherlite AA shotshells are designed specifically to appeal to sport shooters. The idea is that they’ll offer all of the expected perks of Winchester AA shells, but without as much recoil.

Brett Flaugher, vice president of marketing and sales at Winchester, adds, “This new Featherlite load was designed to address recoil – which is a serious concern among many sport shooters.”

The Featherlite shells will feature a high-strength hull for increased reloadability, one-piece plastic wads, clean burning powder, and hard shot for consist shot patterns. The specs for the Winchester AA Featherlite Shotshell read:

  • Gauge: 20
  • Shell Length: 2 ¾”
  • Oz. Velocity: 7/8 980
  • Shot Size: 8

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