Battle Trailer Offers Police Lifelike Training Scenarios

A mobile training trailer is granting Massachusetts police an opportunity to train in realistic combat scenarios.

This 48-foot mobile trailer is bulletproof, soundproof, and can simulate realistic encounters. Becker College Police Chief David J. Bousquet calls it, “the most realistic critical type of decision-making and shooting you can get.”

The structure is a bit like a shooting range inside of a trailer. Police stand on one end of the trailer while scenes are projected onto a back wall. This allows them to experience possible life-or-death scenarios, such as a man reaching for his gun, and respond with quick decision-making skills.

Police Chief George R. Sherrill of the Holden Police force argues that this type of training is essential, because officers simply don’t encounter these types of scenarios during their day-to-day jobs. He adds, “It is so true to life. It’s as lifelike as possible. You have to prepare yourself for these low-frequency, high-risk situations.”

The trailer can mimic conditions ranging from bright sunlight, to dusk, to midnight. They can even replicate the strobe light effect and chaotic blare of police sirens to show officers how to ignore distractions and focus on the task at hand.

The coolest thing about the trailer is that police officers can use their real firearms during the training procedures. The bulletproof walls keep the operations safe and the projected screen allows the police to shoot at moving targets without destroying any expensive gear.

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