Cases of Pets Wounded by BB Guns Increase During Summer Months

Veterinarians in Indianapolis told Fox News that the number of pets wounded by BB guns increase dramatically during the summer months.

Autumn Harris, an Illinois resident, discovered that her cat, Nala, was badly wounded by a BB gun. Harris was forced to take her beloved pet to a veterinarian for surgery, as the BB was still lodged in the cat’s leg.

Harris blames parents for this instance of animal cruelty, “Parents get their kids BB guns and don’t monitor ’em. Then they just go out and shoot whatever.” Nala was attempting to recover during the video, but apparently her wounds were not healing correctly. Harris was later forced to put her cat to sleep.

It is clear from Harris’ words, Nala’s poor condition, and the $453 vet bill that shooting BBs at domesticated animals has very real consequences. After all, there is a tremendous difference between shooting a wild animal with a rifle and injuring somebody’s pet animal.

This story could serve as a lesson to parents whose children have BB guns. It is critical that any firearm owner learns how to safely operate his weapon. Shouldn’t that apply to airsoft guns, too?

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