Texas Shooting Range To Offer Children's B-Day Parties (VIDEO)

Eagle Gun Range, a shooting range in Texas, is slated to open this summer, complete with two rooms available for hosting children’s birthday parties. The piñatas will never stand a chance.

The gun range will have a minimum age requirement of 8 years old, and the little tikes will need to at least be tall enough to see over the shooting tables. Also, these events will require that there be at least as many parents present as children to ensure that there are one-on-one chaperones. If the parents are outnumbered the shooting range will supply safety officers to make sure all of the children are properly monitored.

David Prince, the gun range’s owner, is optimistic about his soon-to-be-open range. He added, “One of the reasons we’re doing this is, when I had my boys, I didn’t have a place to take them and educate them about how to handle a gun safely. I really want families to be able to take their kids here and teach their young shooters how to shoot safely.”

Some Texan locals are already wringing their hands over the announcement. Texan mother Dawn McMullan said, “I think 8-year-olds, developmentally, can’t tell the difference between play and reality sometimes. And also to put it in a party or game atmosphere just seems to not respect a gun as much as we should respect guns.”

Prince stated that this is exactly why you’d want to bring kids to the shooting range, “But you have a responsibility to know how to do it well. It’s your responsibility to know how to take care of your gun and know how to use it.”

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