Frankford Arsenal's New Sonic Cleaner Scrubs Brass at the Push of a Button

The Frankford Arsenal Extreme Sonic Cleaner will allow you to quickly clean your brass with a minimal amount of effort.Brass Casings

The device has a couple of nifty features that will make it a tempting choice for buyers. All you have to do is add your brass, a bit of cleaning solution, and then hit the button. The chemicals and the micro-vibrations will take care of the rest. For the incredibly impatient people out there, the device also comes with a heating option to to speed up the cleaning process. The cleaner comes in two sizes, the standard 7.7 x 6.5 x 2.6 version and a smaller size for the “financially cautious shooter.”

If you’re wondering how ultrasonic cleaning works (we admit: we had to look it up ourselves), it basically uses extremely high frequency sound to rip liquid apart from itself to create tiny, low-pressure bubbles that collapse again. These bubbles will help the liquid scrub away contaminants. One of the great things about ultrasonic cleaning is that it gets the job done wherever water is touching the surface of an object. That lets you clean deep inside your brass casings without having to whip out a toothbrush.

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