Kara's HoPE Raffling off Three Turnbull Manufacturing 100-Year Anniversary Edition 1911s

Kara’s HoPE is a small charity that raises money for the families of kids born with HPE, or holoprosencephaly. A rare disorder with symptoms ranging from mild to life-threatening, Kara’s HoPE’s mission is to help families affected by this disease by helping them stay financially above water as well as provide them with the social support they need to take care of their special-needs children.

Turnbull 100th Anniversary M1911

They raise this money through raffles, and their current raffle’s grand prize is no less than three perfect replica USGI 1911s made by Turnbull Manufacturing. These three 1911s are patterned on the 1911s of 1913, the first year the M1911 was adopted by the Army, Navy and the Marines. Each pistol is made in the exact style of the originals, down to the Carbonia charcoal bluing, and the set includes one from each branch of the military.

Turnbull 100th Anniversary M1911

They all have forged frames, original-style thin controls, a short, wide checkered spur hammer, an original contour barrel, original size sights and lanyard loops on the guns as well as the magazines. The magazines are made in the same way as they were in 1913, punched and cut. All the markings are true to the USGI 1911s, with the addition of a turning bull trademark on the rear of the slide.

Finally, these hand-polished 1911s are matched with handmade gunleather, three period-correct holsters and three belts are included with the set, all manufactured by the El Paso Saddlery.

El Paso Saddlery Gunleather

The set is valued at $15,000, and frankly, is absolutely gorgeous. Oh, right, and you’re doing good for a charity that helps kids with brain disorders, that’s also very nice.

Kara’s HoPE will be raffling off 2,500 tickets at $35 a piece, and they’re all for the grand prize.

These are extremely unique 1911s made in a way that no one else does anymore, and truly are pieces of art. So hey, buy a ticket, even if you don’t win the set, you will win at doing something good today.

About Kara’s HoPE: Our purpose in forming this foundation was to provide tangible support for families and children who are struggling through extremely difficult times. There are always “gaps” in coverage and needs that can’t always be met by traditional insurance coverage.

We are focused on providing direct support for equipment expenses as well as items designed to provide greater comfort for these children who face tremendous uphill struggles. Our mission is also educational in nature. As part of our mission, we hope to educate families and assist with arranging income streams which will allow them to care for their family into the future.

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