Gun Industry is Major Provider of Jobs and Revenue, and the NSSF's Numbers Prove it

A recent report by the National Shooting Sports Foundation has found that the booming firearm industry is supplying Americans with plenty of jobs.

Gun control advocates may find that they need to adopt a begrudging acceptance of firearms nowadays. Even as the economy is struggling to get on its feet, the firearms industry is standing proud. The growing industry is supplying workers with thousands of jobs, and of course that translates into tax dollars for the government. Compared to 2008, the gun industry has seen a 30.6% increase in jobs and a 66.5% spike in both economic impact and federal taxes paid by industry companies.

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers. Examiner writer Dave Workman reports that Washington state alone is enjoying nearly $155 million in annual wages from the gun industry, with individual wages and benefits averaging out around $39,000. California tops the charts (who would have guessed?) at around $1.2 billion in wages and 24,022 jobs. Texas comes in at a distant second with 13,163 people earning $623 million in wages.

Want to see how your own state measures up? Check out the report for yourself. Though, if there are any North Dakotans out there, you may not want to look. Your state’s statistics down in 50th place aren’t pretty.

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