Florida Ladies Hiding More than Lipstick in their Purses: Gun Permits Soar

Even in the midst of all of the Florida gun controversy, concealed carry permits are on the rise for female gun owners. Even though Stand Your Ground may be on the chopping block, Florida women are ready now more than ever to protect themselves.

The Florida Department of Agriculture found that the number of concealed carry permits among women has more than tripled since 2004.

Instructor Chuck Usina of the Ancient City Shooting Range reported, “Probably half of my students are women now, who come and take classes.” What’s more, the increased demand has allowed him to offer an entire concealed carry class solely for women. He added, “It just makes them feel better. I don’t know if it is an empowerment thing or it just gives them a comfort factor.”

Part of the reason for this new trend may be that husbands are bringing their wives to the shooting range. It seems fair since they’ve been dragging men to shopping trips ever since the invention of the cash register. Though, Usina argues that “once you get [women] onto the range and [get them] firing a gun it is not a gender sport.”

A report by First Coast News follows Cindy Davison, a Florida gal who regularly practices at a St. Augustine shooting range. She said, “Not only do I enjoy this as a sport, but I also wanted to feel safer and be prepared in case of anything.”

It makes you wonder: would America have reacted differently if it was Georgia Zimmerman who pulled the trigger?

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