Gun Smuggler Hides Firearms in Dog Chow to Confuse Security Dogs

Federal agents charged a man for hiding guns in puppy chow in order to smuggle them out of the US and into Haiti, reports Orlando Sentinel.

This might seem like a clever way to outsmart police dogs, but from the looks of things Vladimir Jean-Baptiste, aged 40, wasn’t operating with a full bag of kibble. He was earlier interviewed by investigators in November of 2010, but he continued to smuggle guns out of the country. When he was arrested, Jean-Baptiste told one of the agents that he had close ties with the Haitian president and that the agent’s “world was about to come to an end.”

That seemingly ridiculous threat might actually come with a grain of truth, though. Jean-Baptiste was carrying a Blackberry phone that was provided by the Police Nationale d’Haiti, the coutnry’s defense and police force. The prosecutor for Jean-Baptiste’s case, Michael Walleisa, told the judge, “I don’t think they give that to every citizen who shows up in the country.”

Fearless criminal with a big mouth or professional smuggler working for the Haitian government? Hard to say for sure.

Jean-Baptiste claims that he was only trying to set up a security firm in Haiti. He just wanted to arm and protect his people with the 29 semi-automatic handguns and shotguns. The only problem with his apparently noble plan is that a US embargo makes it illegal to ship guns to Haiti. Investigators also suspect him of transporting many other guns to Haiti in the 22 trips he’s made to Haiti since 2009.

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