Guns & Gardens Features New "Doomsday Design" Survival Preparation Series (VIDEO)

Guns & Gardens has published a set of “Doomsday Design” videos about extreme doomsday preppers who build some of the most bizarre and specialized survival gear imaginable.

This non-fiction series features Marque Cornblatt, Justin Gray, Gxaoui (don’t ask us how to pronounce that), Chad Xavier, and Mae McCready as they build everything from garbage camouflage suits to attack robots. You think you’re prepared for a doomsday scenario? You’ve got nothing on these guys.

They operate out of an old fire station, which they claim is “built like a fortress, and it even has a big, flat roof perfect for a farm.” These guys aren’t just a couple of engineers trying to cash in on preppers; they’re highly focused preppers themselves who think and invent like the world is about to end. A couple of gadgets they’ve come up with include:

  • A solar-powered still
  • Remote-controlled attack robots complete with shotguns or a flaming buzz saw
  • Attack quadrotor drones
  • A hybrid slingshot-bow made out of a scrub brush
  • Transparent riot shields
  • Camo suits made out of garbage to let a person blend in anywhere

These customized weapons should give you the edge you need to survive the zombie apocalypse, the collapse of the global economy, a nuclear holocaust, or whatever other Armageddon scenario you foresee striking in the near future. Even if you aren’t a doomsday prepper, this series can offer some interesting tips about survival. And besides, who wouldn’t want to watch footage of an actual killer robot?

For updates, stay tuned to For more information on “Doomsday Design,” visit their YouTube channel. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.
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