From the Eyes of a SEAL: Helmet-Mounted Camera Shows SEAL Obstacle Course

According a report by Weapons Man, a group of in-service recruiters created a video of a Navy SEAL running through an obstacle course with a helmet-mounted cam.

Alright, tough stuff. You think you’ve got what it takes to run the gauntlet next to some of the most highly-trained members of the US military? You may have to reconsider after watching this footage. Just don’t mind the heavy metal music, which seems to be de rigueur for military footage nowadays.

We get tired just watching it! In reality, the course is probably even tougher than it looks. Weapons Man helps us put it into perspective, “Our guess (not being SEALs) is that everybody’s on it all at once, and — and this is the hard bit — that this is not something they do clean, fresh and rested, but something they do in between other evolutions that involve salt water, mud, and sand, so that everybody behind the first guy is slipping and sliding in mud and grime.”

As impressive as this video may be, obstacle courses seem to be on the decline due to messy legal concerns, maintenance costs, and gender inequality. That’s really too bad. If our troops are tough enough to run these courses in a matter of minutes, then they really should be able to show off that fact.

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