Parody Song Pokes Fun at 5.56 vs .223 Confusion (VIDEO)

Tactical Life featured this parody song, which brings a bit of humor to the gun world by poking fun at the confusion surrounding 5.56 and .223.

What makes this song so great is that we’ve all been there at some point. No matter how much we think we know about the world of firearms, the differences between 5.56 and .223 can act as a stumbling block for some of the most veteran gun aficionados.

Ready to share in the embarrassment? Check out the video:

Also, you can catch a full breakdown of the lyrics here.

This gun fan, fxhummel1, may not win America’s Got Talent with his singing skills, but his jokes warrant a chuckle. After all, watching this video prompted us to brush up on the differences between these two rounds. If you dig this guy’s crazy tunes, you can find more gun-related piano tunes on his YouTube channel here.

And just in case you were wondering, we’ll give you a quick reminder of the major distinctions between these two rounds. There are minor differences in things like casing thickness, but the real issue boils down to what gun you use to fire the rounds. Firing the higher-powered 5.56 in a 223 chamber could result in problems such as primer pocket gas leaks or blown cartridge case heads.

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