Victory! Colo. Supreme Court Strikes Down Colorado University's Concealed Carry Ban (VIDEO)

The Colorado Supreme Court has made a pivotal decision by striking down the University of Colorado’s ban on concealed carry weapons on campus, Gun Digest reports.

The struggle between gun rights and gun bans on college campuses never really seems to end, does it? Well, the war may not be over, but a major battle has been won for gun rights activists. The Colorado Supreme Court heard the arguments in the case of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) v. University of Colorado and they found UC’s argument lacking. They ruled that the ban was illegal because it was not approved by the state legislature.

Evidently, being a university official doesn’t grant legislative power. We guess they never got the memo.

Gun rights advocates are optimistic about the win. Dudley Brown of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners said, “It’s going to make it a safer place. It always does. More guns equals less crime.”

Gun rights activists are hoping to maintain their momentum by taking on other businesses that have banned guns. The SCCC argued that because public colleges are supported by tax payers, any rule that applies on a public street should also apply on campus. They want to apply that logic to several local hospitals that receive public funding and have a similar ban on guns.

It seems that this should be something that everybody can get behind, whether you’re on the gun rights or the gun control side of the fence. The gun issue is kind of a minor detail here. The bigger question: does anybody really think it’s a good thing that publicly funded organizations are making laws outside of the legislative process?

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